Hello, it’s me, Anand. Born in raised in Auckland New Zealand, I first picked up a camera in 2019 and have been running around all over Auckland (and some other places) obsessively waking up too early and going to sleep too late trying to capture the best light of the day and it’s incredulous effect on water and architecture.
By day i’m a data analyst, working on painting pictures using statistics and math that tell stories of performance in the past, and how it is going to look in the future. When I’m not working I’m busy shooting, editing, dreaming about photography and all the stuff that goes into it. Having a degree in Mechanical Engineering and having a natural affinity with technology, I’m also madly obsessed with cameras, lenses, tripods and everything in between.
Having grown up surrounded by it, I’m mad about water. I love the shapes it makes and the way the light catches it in the first and last moments of the day. One of my favourite styles of photography is long exposures to show blur, motion, or to simplify images.
I also dabble in urban photography. I’m of the opinion that humans are amazing, and everything we create is part of the natural world. Our architectural triumphs are no exception. The art work, engineering and construction required to build beautiful buildings is nothing short of incredible, and deserve to be shown off.
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